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Sexy/Chic Argyle Sweater Vests for Women - Save 30-70% Off!

Thank you Avril Lavigne! You made argyle cool and showed us all how to layer it over t-shirts and generally just are awesome! The great thing about argyle is that its so damn versatile. You can dress it up or down as much as you want, and it goes with preppy, punk, chic, whatever.

Our favorite womens argyle sweater vest are coming up next... chosen based on quality, style and of course price. If you're shopping for someone else, or yourself, we think you're gonna love at least on of these. So, without further ado...

Check out our top 3 womens argyle sweater vests:

canada goose expedition parka  

TOMMY HILFIGER "Jocyln" Argyle Sweater Vest

"I paid about $90 for this sweater vest from Tommy Hilfiger. I've never actually bought anything "Tommy" before, but this vest is fast becoming my favorite accessory or accent piece. I wear it (just like they show in the picture) to the office and have already had several comments!""

north face parka  

FRED PERRY Argyle Sweater Vest

"When this vest arrived and I tried it on, I immediately sent it back and ordered a size smaller. They accepted my return and shipped out the new one right away. Now the fit is perfect and I have already worn it at least a dozen times. I love matching the blue stripe to my other accessories, sublte and cool"

columbia whirlibird parka  

TOMMY HILFIGER Cashmere Argyle Sweater Vest

"I've become a bit obsessed with cashmere lately, so when I saw this I went mental. I love it! It's really unique that it kind of combines the cardigan style front closure with a vest and argyle print all in one. I wore this on a blind date the other day and felt sexy and confident with just a tank top underneath."

There you go, our favorite three argyle sweater vest for women. So, for under $100 bucks you can get a great piece to add to your wardrobe and feel unique and cool no matter what the occassion... Even for you cashmere freaks we have an option.


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Argyle is versatile! Casually dressy, preppy, punk, or chic... you can add an argyle sweater vest to almost and outfit.