Mens Argyle Sweater Vest

Stylish Argyle Sweater Vests for Men - Don't pay Department Store Prices!

Arglye blends the perfect combination of preppy, punk and cool. An argyle sweater vestis the perfect layering piece and goes over dress shirts, t-shirts, and long sleeve t-shirts. It's a bold look and a string pattern, so you're sure to make a statement whenever you throw one into your outfit.

Why do we love argyle sweater vests for men and women so much? Simple - they are inexpensive and cool. Shopping for clothes can be a bank account buster to get anything quality that you will actually enjoy wearing. A great argyle sweater vest can be found for under $50 easily... and if you want to pay more, you can. But you don't have to.. The Gap, Sears, JC Penney, Old Navy, Kohl's and of course the big online powerhouse retailers like and Amazon have huge selection and the most competitive pricing anywhere.

Now let's have look at our favorite mens argyle sweater vests. We chose these ones for the pattern, quality, and price point and we hope you'll find something you like!

Check out our top 3 argyle sweater vests for men:

canada goose expedition parka  

OLD NAVY Mens Argyle Sweater Vest

"I love Old Navy because they continually make good fashion affordable. I paid about $20 for this argyle vest, but it looks like I spent $100 or more. I usually wear it over a white crew neck t-shirt, but I also have worn a dress shirt under out to dinner."

north face parka  

THE GAP Mens Argyle Sweater Vest

"When my girlfriend got me this I thought she was trying to turn me preppy! but I wear it with ripped jeans and a chain wallet, and I still feel like me. It's soft and actually really warm considering there are no sleeves... She says it shows off my arms...???"

columbia whirlibird parka  

IZOD Mens Argyle Sweater Vest

"Izod is one of my favorite preppy/punk brands, and this partial print argyle vest gets pulled out of the drawer at least once a week. I feel a bit dressed up, but casual and comfortable at the same time. It's made well and has already been through a couple cold water washes with no problems."


An argyle sweater vest makes a perfect gist this holiday season. Inexpensive and practical, it will seem like you spent a lot more than you did. Argyle sweater vest for men make a great layering piece and add a touch of classic style to any outfit. We love the arglye vest for its warmth, versatility, and funky style.


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Argyle is versatile! Casually dressy, preppy, punk, or chic... you can add an argyle sweater vest to almost and outfit.