Boys Argyle Sweater Vest

Find argyle sweater vest for boys ages 8-16. Great styles. Great Prices.

Kids ages 10-16 can be hard to dress... they want their own style, and it's hard to find something that they will accept. Somehow our kids always seem happy to put on a vest, and have never kicked up a vest. One of our sons actually asked for a new one for christmas, I think because his was wearingit when he met his new girlfriend.

While there isn't a lot of good quality boys argyle sweater vest brands to choose from, there are a few we recommend all the time. IZOD gets it right every time, so if you want to make a solid choice, IZOD argyle sweater vest for boys are stylish and sure to be accepted.. maybe even appreciated!

Check out our top 3 boys argyle sweater vests:

izod argyle sweater vest  

IZOD Boys Argyle Sweater Vest (sizes 8-20)

"I bought this for my son - he's 16 years old - and he immediatley sadi "thanks mom" and put it on. How often dos that happen!?!?! He wear it all the time and his boyfriend approves. I guess I am a cool mom after all!"

izod argyle sweater vest  

IZOD Boys Argyle Sweater Vest (sizes 8-20)

"I love wearing a white long-sleeve button down under this and a pair of distressed jeans. Argyle makes you stand out at school, and I've always like dressing different. I love this vest. Plus, IZOD is cool and a bit trendy."

blue ocean argyle sweater vest  

BLUE OCEAN Boys Argyle Sweater Vest (sizes 8-18)

"I bought two of these for my two grandkids. I have to say that for $15/each, they are made quite well and should last. The boys don't seem to mind them, and their mom is quite happy. Great Christmas or Hanukkah gift and not expensive."

So there you have three great options to choose from. The IZOD sweater vests as well as the sweter vest from Blue Ocean are all under $20 from top online retailers like Amazon and Overstock... so you don't need to bleed your bank account dry to put clothes on them this year.


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Argyle is versatile! Casually dressy, preppy, punk, or chic... you can add an argyle sweater vest to almost and outfit.