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Argyle Sweater Vest

Want the best deal on an argyle sweater vest? You're in the right place!

Argyle is a timeless and versatile pattern, suitable to all kinds of different fashion situations. Same goes for sweater vests... a sleeveles sweater can dress up a french cuff dress shirt or go over a trendy t-shirt equally as well. Preppy, punk, chic or as casual couture, argyle sweater vests augment whatever outfit you are putting together in a uniquely "argyle" way.

The great thing about shopping for an argyle sweater vest online is that picking your size is pretty easy as compared with jackets, t-shirts, pants and other garment with more variables in fit. Pick your sweater vest size and look for slim fit or relaxed, and you are good to go.

There are no rules when it comes to argyle patterns. Designers have a lot of freedom when it comes to interpreting the arrangement of diamond shapes and criss-crossed lines, as there is no real traditional pattern to use as a template [more about the origin of Argyle in a minute]. Colors also encompass the the full range, and you can find argyle sweater vests in just about any color combination. The size of the diamonds in relation to the garment also varies greatly from very fine patterns to very large with just a few diamonds. Many argyle sweater vests feature about a dozen diamonds or so over a solid background.

Pop culture icons like Madonna, David Beckham, Nicole Kidman and Canadian punk rocker Avril Lavigne all have donned an argyle sweater vest as part of one of their signature outfits many times. The argyle sweater vest has since become something we are used to seeing on various celebrities.

The origins of argyle are not well documented or understood, but it is widely held that the pattern originated in county of Argyll in West Central Scotland, and was created almost by accident by the clansmen who lived there. The men cut their traditional plaid tartans to create foot coverings, using criss-crossed strips that led to the pattern we love today. Historians are skeptical about this, and argue that the spelling of Argyll and Argyle are inconsistent... but it is agreed that the pattern is of Scottish origin.

The Luxury brand Pringle [of Scotland] created the first Argyle sweaters in the 1920's. The pattern was brought to America after the president of Brooks Brothers returned from a golf tournament in Scotland where he saw a golfer wearing the pattern. Argyle socks hit the American market as a fresh new casual style, and soon after the uses for the pattern found its way into every niche of the garment industry. Nowadays, you can find Argyle in the most unlikely places. Juicy Couture uses argyle on knee high rubber boots, baby carriages come with arglye coverings, lunch boxes, baseball hats, surf trunks and the list goes on.

Some of the applications will come and go, but the argyle sweater vest is here to stay. Classic, casual argyle sweater vests can work with many different outfits and styles, making them a fun and versatile, affordable garment to mix and match with your wardrobe. Use your imagination! What do you want to wear your argyle sweater vest with today?

Expect to pay anywhere from $20 and up. Prices for a well made argyle sweater vest should be under $50 from big store retailers like Target, Sears and JCPenney. Designer Labels like Ben Sherman and Penguin as well as high end retailers like Norstrom and Bergdorf cost more, and offer a higher end product.

Whatever your taste and budget, Argyle makes a bold statement and can easily revitalize the stuff you already have in your closet when used in combination!


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Argyle is versatile! Casually dressy, preppy, punk, or chic... you can add an argyle sweater vest to almost and outfit.